Essential Guides

The A4S Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Leadership Network has published guides to help the finance and accounting community address the practical issues of integrating sustainability into their business processes and decisions.

The guides are designed to inspire the financial community to action by providing practical guidance, knowledge and case studies.

The guides have been developed by the A4S CFO Leadership Network and their teams (comprising senior finance, risk, internal audit, investor relations and sustainability professionals), A4S and other specialists. Each guide is supported by practical examples from network members which demonstrate practical applications of the approaches and techniques set out in the guides.


Managing Future Uncertainty

The guide sets out why it is important to adapt traditional risks management processes to respond to environmental and social trends, and provides examples of how to overcome some of the uncertainty associated with their impact, so they can be better integrated into business decisions.

Engaging the board and executive management

This practical guidance offers a three step process to engage boards of directors and executive management on sustainability integration.

Finance Culture

This is a practical guide to building a finance culture which supports the integration of sustainability into core financial decision making processes. 

Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting


This guide helps finance teams to navigate the processes which they use to shape the development and implementation of corporate strategy through planning, budgeting and forecasting. 

Management Information

The guide sets out practical steps that finance teams can take to develop an effective management information framework, build a robust control environment and produce insightful management reporting. It also contains illustrative examples to bring the guidance to life and show the benefits to different types of companies.

Valuations and Climate Change

This guide has been developed to help finance professions bring climate change risks and opportunities into business and asset valuation calculations.


This guide has been created to help finance teams embed sustainability into capital investment decision making. 

Natural and Social Capital Accounting

This guide was created to evaluate natural and social capital through a financial lens.

Social and Human Capital Accounting

How social and human capital can be integrated into decision making, in ways that develop resilient and sustainable business models.

Enhancing Investor Engagement

This practical guide helps investor relations teams to engage with their investors on the drivers of sustainable value. 

Debt Finance

This guide shows how environmental, social and governance considerations are considered in debt finance decisions, and how the market is expected to shift in the future, along with practical steps that can be taken in response.

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