Briefings for finance

We have developed a few short briefings for finance on topical subjects. These briefings have been designed to quickly update finance professionals and point to further resources and guidance.

These briefings have been created to give you:

  1. The essential background information
  2. Actions that finance professionals can take
  3. Links to resources and further guidance

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Loss of nature and biodiversity can impact business operations. However, investing in biodiversity also offers opportunities. It can help to improve the long-term viability of business models, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency and resilience.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals, also knowns as the SDGs, are a comprehensive set of 17 goals created by the United Nations. The goals are aimed at solving the world’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, hunger and access to healthcare and education. The achievement of the goals is critical to creating long-term value for both business and society.

Climate action

‘Climate action failure’ is the world’s largest economic risk according the World Economic Forum. Climate change is already affecting us, and action is required now to meet the scale and urgency of the challenge. Organizations must stay ahead of the great risks they face and the opportunities to be found in the transition.

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