“With a clear global trend towards mandatory sustainability reporting, the expectations of finance professionals are changing. A4S and its ABN Network have produced guidance to help accountants navigate the rapidly changing corporate reporting landscape, and make sustainable business, business as usual.” Jessica Fries, Executive Chairman, A4S

While business performance has historically been measured in financial terms, over the past two decades reporting requirements have been changing rapidly. Societal awareness of environmental and social issues is increasing and, as a result, stakeholders are demanding a wider range of information with a clear global trend towards mandatory sustainability reporting.

There are currently 614 sustainability reporting requirements across 84 countries and 25 Exchanges (covering 16,456 companies) require ESG reporting as a listing rule. Organizations are therefore relying on the knowledge, skills and processes of finance professionals and accountants, to get ahead of corporate reporting trends.

This guide, created by the A4S Accounting Bodies Network, offers a brief introduction to the changing corporate reporting landscape. It summarizes recent key developments in sustainability reporting. It sets out how these developments are impacting the role of the accountant and shaping the future of corporate reporting. It also highlights how this area is likely to evolve, offering signposting to further sources of information.

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