A4S Essential Guide to Finance Culture


In order to make change happen, the culture of a finance team needs to align to strategic goals.

The A4S CFO Leadership Network has developed a range of practical guides, with tools, case studies and guidance to support finance professionals with the integration of sustainability into core finance and decision making processes. However, in order to do this successfully, the culture of the finance team needs to be aligned to support the transition.

Our project team has therefore developed guidance on how to drive the necessary cultural change to embed sustainability as one of the core pillars of finance. The practical guidance:

  • Highlights the role that finance can take to support the integration of sustainability within the organization
  • Suggests actions required to shift the culture of the finance team and how they can be put into practice
  • Sets out how to create an understanding of the reason for the change and enthusiasm for the solution
  • Helps to identify what behaviours need to change and what additional competencies may be required in the finance function
  • Provides guidance on how to sustain the change and improve over time


We often hear that the culture of the finance function can be a barrier for organizations attempting to move to more a sustainable business model. To address this, we have created this guide to provide practical tools and guidance for finance teams seeking to eliminate this barrier, to develop a culture that embraces sustainable decision making and support the business in creating sustainable value.”

Helen Slinger, Executive Director, Accounting for Sustainability


Tools from the guide

Downloadable tools from the guide to help finance teams.


A range of interviews with finance professional, including members of the CFO Leadership Network, on changing finance culture.

Practical Examples

Our Finance Culture Practical Examples, which draw on the experiences of our CFO Leadership Network and beyond, show the scale of what can be achieved when the teams have the right culture for long-term success. The case studies show how finance teams can change, but also what this can enable.


A blog written by Geraldine Matchett, Chief Financial Officer, Royal DSM on the building a sustainable finance culture.

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