Anglian Water: Strategic, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Anglian Water: setting an embodied carbon budget for 2030


As part of our “Love Every Drop” campaign, we set a “Drop CO2” budget for 2030. The budget restricts embodied

carbon in new assets, and is driving us to reduce embodied carbon levels by 70% on our 2010 baseline.


Our region is one of the driest in the UK, which means it is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

We want to lead the way in raising awareness about the value of water and are campaigning to change

fundamentally how we all engage with it and use this precious resource.

But each drop of water – abstracted, cleaned and pumped to homes before being cleaned again, and pumped back into the environment – comes with plenty of carbon dioxide attached, and because CO2 is contributing to climate change, we’re stepping up our work to cut it out across the business, in every single way we can.


We challenged our design engineers and capital delivery partners across the supply chain to deliver more

sustainable assets, reducing carbon and the use of finite raw materials and cost. The success of this approach

means that in five years embodied carbon emissions have reduced by 54% against our 2010 baseline.

Governance over the carbon budget forms part of our overall financial and project governance process, ensuring

there is an appropriate mechanism to facilitate delivery of both our financial and our carbon budgets and targets.

Through the period 2015–2020, we will have invested over £2 billion in maintaining and improving our infrastructure. This investment will result in a forecast 360 ktCO2e of capital carbon in the materials we use to build and replace assets. With a continued focus on energy management, innovation in design and optimizing renewable generation assets, we have again set a challenging objective of mitigating against future potential increases in operational carbon emissions and reducing capital carbon in assets we design and build. The budget is now set at a level to reduce capital carbon emissions by 60% by 2020 from a 2010 baseline.

Read the full Essential Guide to Strategic, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting below.

“Because I love water I want to wake the world up to the importance of the link between carbon and water to make a fundamental difference to climate change.”

Peter Simpson, Managing Director, Anglian Water

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