TCFD Insight Series

Our TCFD Insights Series is a collection of examples from organizations implementing the recommendations of the FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The series is designed to be used by finance teams. 

The ‘Practical Examples’ consider the application of the recommendations, with top tips from leading companies. The ‘TCFD Reporting Examples’ demonstrate good practice TCFD disclosures from organizations’ annual reports.

Practical Examples

A4S have launched these practical examples to show how organizations have started to implement the TCFD recommendations.

The examples show how the results from scenario analysis were able to inform decisions within their respective organizations.

TCFD Reporting Examples

A4S is producing a number of TCFD reporting examples with the intention of highlighting good practices for finance and accounting professionals who are supporting implementation of the TCFD recommendations. They highlight the role of finance and the value finance can bring to the process. The examples show how the disclosures made by each organization align to the guidance provided by TCFD. A range of sectors and industries are covered, allowing users to benefit from sector-specific disclosures, whilst also gaining insights from examples in other sectors.

To produce the examples, A4S has extracted good practice disclosures from the latest annual reports of members of the A4S CFO Leadership Network and beyond. We have reviewed and analysed these extracts against the TCFD guidance. Members of the finance teams at these organizations have also provided inputs to highlight the role of finance teams in implementing the TCFD recommendations.