Our ESG Maturity Map for Pension Trustees

We developed – and consulted upon – a maturity map to support trustees assess what their scheme is currently doing to embed ESG considerations into strategy and processes and what steps they can take to progress.

We use  maturity maps  successfully within our CFO Leadership Network, workshopping both as a collective to see where peers are on the journey and also used within the individual member’s organization to bring colleagues on board.

Workshopping this ESG maturity map with your fellow trustees, executive office and, if relevant, investment managers and consultants will help drive consensus on where you want to be as a scheme around ESG integration, which areas are a priority and what practical next steps you can agree to take. The Maturity Map workshop guide provides details about how to conduct this workshop, and includes worksheets and useful links to further reading.

We would love to hear from you on your experience with this ESG maturity map, so please do email us at

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