Why should finance engage the board and executive management? 

The board and executive management are responsible for the organization’s long-term viability. Amidst the evolving landscape of sustainability risks, such as climate change and global pandemics, the business case for a shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy is getting stronger. In response, the board and executive management team must set the tone and define a clear strategy for implementation. The finance team has the ability to articulate the financial impact of sustainability risks and opportunities that are material to the business and provide insights to formulate the right approach. 

The project 

This project aims to create tools and guidance to prepare CFOs and finance teams to engage their board and executive management team to help embed sustainability into their regular decision making. 

To do this, the project team are exploring: 

  1. How finance can engage the board and executive management on sustainability as a driver of value 
  2. How to embed this engagement into internal structures and processes to integrate sustainability into regular decision making   

What next?

Practical guidance will be developed with a range of tools, case studies and tips for finance professionals. We are planning to launch these in early 2021.