Webinar recording: Shining a light on the sustainable finance revolution

A4S facilitated this corporate case study webinar as part of the ACT Treasurers Week 2020. The event was live streamed on Tuesday 6th October 2020.

As communities and businesses around the world grapple with COVID-19 recovery, it is crucial to remind corporates and investors of the need to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of their financial practices.

While each of these may be at different stages on their journey, sustainable finance is fundamentally transforming corporate financing.

  • What are the key driving factors in the transition?
  • What are the major considerations when developing a new framework for sustainable finance that meets the business’s overall objectives and values?

Hear from the pioneers in this field, National Grid and Yorkshire Water, on their respective multi-attribute approaches, how their experience can be adopted and applied beyond the utility industry, and how sustainable finance will impact your business strategies in 3-5 years.


  • Helen Slinger, Executive Director, The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S)


  • David Gregg, Head of Corporate Finance, Yorkshire Water
  • Alexandra Lewis, Group Treasurer, National Grid