Scenario Analysis Practical Examples

TCFD scenario analysis is a relatively new concept for many corporates, and is an area that is constantly developing with new insights and best practice. Using scenario analysis to understand the resilience of a company’s strategy under different climate-related scenarios continues to be the least reported recommended disclosure, according to the 2021 TCFD Status Report, and the one which continues to be the most challenging to respond to.

The companies below have provided practical insights into how they have approached scenario analysis within their organizations, and how this feeds into understanding the resilience of their strategy against a range of scenarios. Insights like these, and those included within our wider reporting, will help to focus corporates on their TCFD reporting journey, and to understand how best to approach scenario analysis.

For more information, go to our TCFD Insight series, where you can find a whole suite of resources to help with your progress, including our A4S Guide to TCFD Climate Scenario Analysis. You can also visit the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures website.

Read National Grid’s step by step approach to scenario analysis, and how they use the results to support their business decisions.

Read how Nestle built a cross-functional team to provide the best insight possible for their analysis.

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