Brookfield Asset Management: Social and Human Capital Accounting Worked Example

"Our employees are critical to our success as an asset manager and as a steward of our clients’ capital. Our ability to deliver excellent investment returns and client service is very much dependent on the contributions of our people."

Brian Lawson, CFO, Brookfield Asset Management

About the Project

The project was a first step in creating a better understanding of Brookfield Asset Management’s human capital. Brookfield understood their success to be predicated on continuing to attract the best people in the industry, keeping them engaged and retaining them to support Brookfield's "grow from within" talent strategy which helps maintain their culture and investment principles.

As a result of the project, Brookfield, known for real estate and infrastructure, measured the value of their human capital in order to increase the effectiveness in how they organize and develop their employee base. They found that 60% of their market capitalization was in their human capital. Further to this, the company found that the value of their 80,000 members of staff was approximately twice the value of the cost of replacing them.

The members of the Canadian Chapter of the A4S CFO Leadership Network have created in-depth worked examples to show how they have implemented social and human capital accounting within their respective organizations. This worked example is one part of this project.



This Guide aims to help organizations to integrate social and human capital accounting into business decision making.

The Co-operators

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What is Social and Human Capital?

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