Incentivizing Action

The A4S CFO Network focusses on delivering tangible outcomes and undertakes a number of projects each year to develop practical guidance on specific areas of financial decision making, or risk management. The projects are selected by the CFOs and each can choose for their organization to take part in one, or all, projects by nominating a suitable representative to join the relevant team.

The Incentivizing Action project is currently in development.

Project aims

The aim of this project is to develop practical guidance and worked examples for finance professionals to help them understand how to identify sustainability related opportunities and risks within their value chain, and how to incentivize the integration of sustainability along that chain.


The key questions project team members will consider;

1. Who does your organization influence; have the ability to influence, along your value chain? Focusing on most material and important areas for your organization and sector

2. What is finance's role in influencing outcomes achieved with those key external organizations and individuals? For example, pricing decisions, budgeting, reporting, planning, etc.


Practical guidance will be developed with a range of tools, case studies and tips for finance professionals