Incentivizing Action


Influencing the value chain

In the face of unprecedented social and environmental issues, organizations must newly assess their value chains in order to understand risks and seize opportunities. In order to integrate sustainability into the heart of the business, organizations must have transparent value chains that maximize value creation. To do this, businesses must engage and incentivize their value chain on creating sustainable outcomes.  

The project 

This project aims to develop practical guidance and worked examples for finance professionals to help them understand how to identify sustainability-related opportunities and risks within their value chain, and how to incentivize the integration of sustainability along that chain. 

To do this, the project team are exploring: 

  1. Who does your organization influence and / or have the ability to influence along your value chain? 
  2. What is finance’s role in influencing outcomes achieved with those key external organizations and individuals?

What next?

Practical guidance will be developed with a range of tools, case studies and tips for finance professionals. We are planning to launch these in 2022. 

Accounting for Sustainability is a Charitable Incorporated Organization, registered charity number 1195467. Accounting for Sustainability is part of The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation (PWCF) Group of Charities.
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