Enhancing Investor Engagement

Boost investment opportunities by communicating effectively with investors about sustainability


The value of engaged investors

Investors provide companies with the capital needed to meet their business goals. Attracting and keeping investors is a vital commercial activity, and investor relations teams need to inspire investors with confidence in their organization’s strategy and business model.

Sustainable organizations have a lot to offer investors – stronger performance, higher resilience and more effective management of risk. Not talking about sustainability to investors is a missed opportunity.

Creating an investment case for sustainability

Many companies struggle to explain to investors why sustainability matters. This means that investors aren’t getting the complete picture of your organization.

Investor relations teams can fill in the gaps by talking to investors about the commercial relevance of sustainability and how this creates value. Using our resources, you can build a convincing narrative across multiple communications channels to show investors the benefits of investing in a sustainable business model.

What next

Our Essential Guide to Enhancing Investor Engagement will help you to communicate about sustainability in a way that resonates with investors and addresses their interests. It introduces key principles for engaging investors and ideas for building a long term investor base. It includes actions you can take now, practical examples and tips.

Our maturity map will help you take the next steps, by seeing where you are now and how you can develop.



This guide will give you the tools you need to talk effectively to investors about sustainability in your business


Download the maturity map to learn more about where you are now and how you can get to where you want to be


Watch our series of interviews on enhancing investor engagement.

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