Supporting the recommendations of the FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures


Climate change is one of the biggest social and economic risks the world faces today. Companies and investors are already being affected by the transition to a net zero carbon economy and the physical impacts of climate change, the effects of which will only increase over time. 

The FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommends a framework for disclosing climate related risks and opportunities, going beyond current practices in two significant ways:

  1. Inclusion in mainstream financial filings; and
  2. Using scenario analysis to inform business strategy.

The TCFD recommendations were published in June 2017 and can be downloaded at

Consistent adoption of the recommendations will lead to effective measurement and improved company resilience; informed decisions by investors; and better evaluation of risks and exposures by lenders, insurers and underwriters.

Successful adoption relies on Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) leading on implementation of the recommendations, accounting bodies guiding their members, and the investment world acting on the disclosures made.

A4S is working with these key groups to share knowledge and help overcome the challenges faced. To this effect, A4S has issued three Statements of Support for the TCFD recommendations signed by:

  • CFOs
  • CEOs of Accounting Bodies
  • Chairs of Pension Funds


Download our Top Tips for Finance

TCFD Implementation: Top Tips for Finance Teams Booklet is based on the experiences of early adopters of the TCFD recommendations, as demonstrated during our recent workshops.

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Our maturity map is designed to enable you to assess what you are currently doing and how you can advance to a leading position.

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The examples show how the results from scenario analysis were able to inform decisions within their respective organizations.

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LONDON - UK - 16th Nov 2017.Accounting for Sustainability  A4S, CFO and Investor Session held at St James's Palace in London and hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales.
Photograph by Ian Jones for A4S.

Find out who from the key groups of CFOs, and Chairs of accounting bodies and pension funds have signed our statements of support for the TCFD recommendations.