US Chapter of the CFO Leadership Network

The US Chapter of The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) CFO Leadership Network launched in San Francisco on the April 18 2019, at an event hosted by Salesforce.

The CFOs joining the network are looking to create sustainable businesses that deliver financial returns in the short and long term, in a way that generates positive value for society and operates within environmental constraints.

The network members have agreed to deliver on a charter in which they have committed to take action by being a leading source of knowledge and experience. They will use their collective influence to engage, enable and collaborate with the wider CFO and finance communities.

Speaking on the launch of the Chapter Jessica Fries, Executive Chair, A4S said, “To create a sustainable economy at the scale and pace required, we need the kind of leadership, energy and innovation that the members of the U.S. Chapter will bring, collaborating with their global peers and committed to making change happen.”

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