US Chapter of the CFO Leadership Network

The network brings together a group of leading CFOs from large businesses seeking to embed the management of environmental and social issues into business processes and strategy. 

The US chapter was launched in San Francisco in April 2018. The network members have committed to take action by being a leading source of knowledge and experience. 

Speaking at the launch of the chapter, Jessica Fries, Executive Chairman of A4S, said “To create a sustainable economy at the scale and space required, we need the kind of leadership, energy and innovation that members of the US chapter will bring, collaborating with their global peers and committing to making change happen.”

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Mark Hawkins, President and CFO Emeritus Advisor,, explains why it was important for his organization to join the chapter.

Mark Kaye, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Moody's Corporation, explains why sustainability is a long-term financial and risk management issue, and how he believes the A4S CFO Leadership Network provides a unique forum for promoting ideas and best practices.