The accounting community

A4S's core objectives are only achievable through the vital support we receive from the global accounting community. This community includes the large global accounting firms, institutes and bodies.

A4S and the accounting community

Leveraging the combined influence of this community provides a unique opportunity to scale up and disseminate best practice. This can be done through engagement, thought leadership, and integration into training and professional development.

The Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) was established in 2008 and brings together bodies from around the world with a joint membership of 2.4 million accountants from 181 countries.

A4S also works closely with the Big Four accountancy firms who have provided support and resources for projects.


The role of the accounting community

A4S's Accounting Bodies Network has identified five principle areas where the accounting community can make a large impact on the future of sustainable accounting:

  • Influence and inform
    To promote accounting for sustainability and the benefits of “integrated reporting” (reporting that connects an organization’s sustainability with its financial performance more clearly, concisely and consistently)

  • Lead by example
    To embed accounting for sustainability within our own organizations’ strategy and operations

  • Drive thought leadership
    To increase understanding of good sustainability practices by commissioning and/or participating in work related to accounting for sustainability

  • Collaborate through the International Network
    To share learning and experience with the International Network and to work together to advance better accounting for sustainability

  • Incorporate accounting for sustainability within training and professional education
    To incorporate accounting for sustainability in training programmes for employees, suppliers, students, members and others, in professional and academic qualifications and in professional development requirements

How the accounting community can get involved

There are plenty of ways for the accounting community can become involved in shaping the future of finance, first steps include: