Investors, capital markets and the wider finance community

A4S and capital markets

Since inception, the central role of the capital markets and investors in enabling a transition to a sustainable economy has been a key strand of A4S’s work. This included early work on how to embed sustainability into the finance sector, and building investor input and support for the development of connected reporting and the integrated reporting framework.

Activities with this community include:

Asset Owner Network

A4S has developed a network which aims to engage Asset Owners on the benefits of long term investment and provides a space for members to discuss any challenges they are facing, as well as to explore best practice.

Investor roundtables

A4S runs an investor roundtable programme during our Summits to accelerate awareness and action by actors from each part of the investment chain.

In 2018, the ‘Finance Leaders' Summit’ focused on the investor community, convening more than 60 Chairs, Chief Executive Officers, and Chief Investment Officers from global financial institutions identifying commitments to action to deliver a global sustainable financial system.  The event was hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales at St. James’s Palace, London, and a draft version of our 'Financing our Future' report was tabled to inform discussions.  The final version which included input from the participants of the Summit was later published and referred to at the United Nations General Assembly, New York, September 2018.

Debt Finance

The A4S CFO Leadership Network is working on a project to explore steps to integrate sustainability considerations into debt financing activities.
This follows on from the Enhancing Investor Engagement project which focused on equity.


Pension fund consultants

Through a series of events, A4S convened pension fund chairs and their consultants to increase the quality of advice provided in relation to environmental and social risk and opportunity.

For example, in 2012, A4S held its first major forum for pension fund chairmen and chief executive officers, bringing together over 200 representatives to raise awareness of the need to incorporate risks associated with climate change and other environmental and social trends into investment strategy, allocation and decision making.

The role of investors, capital markets and the wider finance community

Mobilizing finance is the key to unlocking action on sustainability across the world.

Companies and Governments are increasingly recognizing that sustainable economic performance relies on an understanding of the interdependency between financial, social and environmental factors. Evidence shows sustainability and shareholder value go hand-in-hand by creating more resilient business models.


How investors, capital markets and the wider finance community can get involved

There are many ways for investors, capital markets and the wider finance community to get involved in shaping the future of finance, first steps include:

  • Take actions suggested in Enhancing Investor Engagement guidance
  • Contributing to CFO Leadership Network debt finance project and other A4S investor work streams
  • As a pension fund trustee or other liaise with A4S on joining the Asset Owner Network
  • Attend investor roundtables at A4S Summit