Implementation and Development Workshop Programme

The A4S CFO Leadership Network undertakes a range of projects specifically designed to help finance teams embed sustainability into decision making. Although primarily developed for members of the Network, there are a limited number of opportunities for non-Network members to become involved.

Workshops are broken down into:

Implementation  Development 
Workshops focused on working together to implement the tools and guidance developed by the A4S CFO Leadership Network to enable sustainability to be integrated into decision making. Workshops focused on the creation of tools and guidance, based on a mixture of current practice and new thinking, drawing on experiences of members, other organizations and leading experts from around the world.


  • Participate in interactive workshops exposing your organization to the latest thinking
  • Hear from peers, sharing insights and challenges
  • Influence and shape sustainability practices within your business sector, country or region
  • Develop your team through their involvement in projects
  • Showcase your leadership and build your profile
  • Attend selected A4S events, including the Opening Session of the annual A4S Summit



Workshops are open to organizations looking to embed sustainability into financial decision making. There is a small fee for participation in workshops and companies have the option of sending three attendees to each workstream, with at least one member being a relevant, senior finance team representative.

For further information on availability and contribution please email


Dates for the workshops can be found on our events page >




Project description Project type

Lead the way

Developing a strategic response to macro sustainability trends

Managing Future Uncertainty

  • Adapting traditional risk management processes to respond to macro sustainability trends
  • Sharing examples of how to overcome uncertainty associated with their impact, to be better integrated into business decisions

Measure What Matters

Developing measurement and valuation tools

Developing Methodologies

  • Introducing how finance teams can align finance thinking with long term environmental and societal trends
  • Providing a framework to embed this into decision making

Transform your decisions

Integrating material sustainability factors into decision making

Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting       

  • Focusing on the processes that finance teams use to manage performance and shape the implementation of corporate strategy to deliver sustainable business models


  • Focusing on how businesses can adapt their existing capital investment appraisal processes in a pragmatic and systematic manner to integrate social and environmental issues

Access finance

Engaging with finance providers on the drivers of sustainable value

Enhancing Investor Engagement

  • Assisting investor relations teams as they seek to engage investors on the link between sustainable business models and the creation of shareholder value

Implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

  • Introducing the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures to finance teams
  • Providing insights into approaches being adopted to implement the recommendations, with practical examples of how they can support adoption of the recommendations

Thematic projects

Supporting practical application of A4S guidance against thematic areas


  • Capturing and profiling the different ways that organizations are taking practical actions, supported by their finance teams, to address the overuse of plastics