Why sustainability and finance?

LONDON- UK- 17th Nov 2016. HRH The Prince of Wales convenes global CFO's and other leaders from the finance and accounting community for the annual A4S (Accounting for Sustainability) Summit at St James's Palace in London.
Photograph by Ian Jones

Why Sustainability and Finance?

"It is not necessarily a choice between making money on the one hand and ‘doing the right thing’ on the other. On the contrary, once it is recognized that ‘business as usual’ is unsustainable it follows naturally that those organizations which start to develop resilient business models will be the ones that succeed."
HRH The Prince of Wales

The risks from environmental, social and economic crises are clear to see - not just for our planet and society, but also the future resilience of the global economy. Forward thinking organizations are seizing the inherent opportunities of sustainable, resilient business models.

"Our definition and understanding of performance must move beyond traditional financial metrics."
Robin Stalker, Chief Financial Officer, adidas Group

Finance leadership and innovation are essential to this change, and to create the businesses of tomorrow. Finance teams have a unique opportunity to create both sustainable and commercially viable business models.

Why A4S?

A4S provides a unique space for inspiration and action.

A4S's work is led by A4S Network Members - engaging cutting edge organizations and finance leaders for practical action.

A4S has a truly global network where our members can share from best practice, peer support and collaboration. Our CFO Leadership Network operates in 190 countries, and our Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) represents two thirds of the world's accountants.

It has not been a 'talking shop' or overly focused on theory – it has provided a range of practical solutions that I can usefully implement within my organization.”
– Network member