The A4S Accounting Bodies Network (ABN)

ABN principles in action

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The Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) is a group of powerful accounting bodies from across the globe, brought together to help achieve a common approach to accounting for sustainability.

Accountants have a key role to play in shaping our future.  They are the professionals tasked with making sense of past performance and providing insight into what the future might hold.

A4S established the Accounting Bodies Network in 2008 to work with professional accounting bodies as they recognize and incorporate the principles of sustainability in their organizations and, as such, drive change and influence their membership of over two million accountants representing almost two-thirds of accountants globally.

These bodies are committed to challenging the conventional fundamentals of accounting and, perhaps most importantly, to incorporating accounting for sustainability within their members’ continuing professional education and their accountancy training for the next generation of accountants.

The Accounting Bodies Network has signed up to Project’s five principles. The principles promote accounting for sustainability and commits participants to collaborative research and training in this area. Click here for the A4S principles.

Click to read about the ABN’s activities in 2013

Click to read about the ABN’s activities in 2013


Objectives of the network

The objectives of the ABN network are:

  • To create an open, cross border network, where members can share knowledge and collaborate on accounting for sustainability-related matters.
  • To promote the accounting bodies to use their collective spheres of influence to promote A4S and the use of integrated reporting to their members and communities.
  • To build the membership of the network globally to help further promote accounting for sustainability.

Accounting Bodies Network members



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Click to explore our map of the A4S Accounting Bodies Network Members

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