A4S Summit 2014

Transforming Finance and Accounting:

Meeting the Challenges of the Next Decade

“There was a time when we could say that there was either a complete lack of knowledge, or at least room for doubt, about the consequences for our planet of our actions. 

That time has gone.

 We now know all too clearly what we are actually doing and that we need to do something about it urgently.  Better accounting must be part of that process.”

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

On 11 December 2014, global leaders from the finance and accounting community gathered in London at the A4S Summit to define the role they will play to move business and the economy onto a sustainable pathway.
HRH Speaking at the IoD
The Summit, hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales, celebrated progress made in the decade since His Royal Highness established A4S, while setting out the transformative steps that need to be taken over the coming decade by the finance leaders of today and tomorrow.

A4S was established by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2004 to convene senior leaders in the finance, accounting and investor community to catalyse a shift to a sustainable economy.

Ten years on, companies, investors and governments are beginning to recognize that positive long-term performance relies on an understanding of the interdependency between financial, social and environmental factors.

However, this recognition is far from mainstream and leadership is needed from the finance and accounting community to increase the pace and scale of change such that sustainability becomes embedded in organizations’ strategy, decision-making and reporting.

At the Summit, His Royal Highness brought together current and future leaders from the finance and accounting community to discuss practical actions that they can take to accelerate the transformation of the financial and accounting system so that it adequately reflects the dependency of our economic success on the health and stability of our communities and the natural environment – and is better able to respond to the risks currently faced.

Attendees included:

Rolf-Dieter Schwalb, Chief Financial Officer, Royal DSM speaking at the A4S Summit 2014

Rolf-Dieter Schwalb, Chief Financial Officer, Royal DSM speaking at the A4S Summit 2014

  • CFOs / Finance Directors of major corporations, the public sector and not-for-profits
  • CEOs of accounting institutes, the accounting profession and standard setting bodies
  • Financial regulators, CEOs of stock exchanges and securities regulators
  • CEOs, CIOs and Chairmen of pension funds, asset managers and banks
  • Policy-makers and senior government officials
  • Leading economists
  • The finance and accounting leaders of the future


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