Connected Reporting – A practical guide with worked examples

 “Connected Reporting – A practical guide with worked examples” is a ‘how to’ guide which provides organizations with a simple approach to making the connection between strategic direction, financial performance and environmental and social considerations, with guidance broken down into the following three key steps:

1. Connecting business strategy and sustainability

The identification of material sustainability issues and description of how each of these impact on the organization’s strategic objectives.

2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and actions taken 

The evaluation of action taken to address each material sustainability issue and the identification of KPIs to measure performance.

3. The Connected Performance Report 

A balanced assessment of progress against agreed targets and towards intended outcomes.

The guidance includes three worked examples – for a supermarket, a property investment company and a water and wastewater company. These examples highlight different ways that connected reporting can be applied in practice. Click here for the report: Connected Reporting – A practical guide with worked examples 17th December 2009

A4S Connected Reporting online tool

Alongside the published report we have also launched an interactive version of the ‘how to guide’, which also contains a number of examples of reporting by companies around the world. Click here for the A4S Connected Reporting online tool.